Driving User Adoption - Webinar Highlights

Insights from our popular ebook on understanding the impact of poor user adoption.

"How do I ensure my sourcing platform is going to get used? "

It's a question that's getting louder within procurement circles, and something we've heard directly from prospective clients.

These organizations have often been burnt before: previous platforms were difficult to implement, didn't perform as needed, or actually made the day-to-day lives of their stakeholders worse.

At Bonfire, we have a strong focus on user adoption, understanding of what factors impact it, and put the best practices into action to drive better user adoption.

This week, we had the unique opportunity to talk with Bonfire's Director of Customer Success Omar Salaymeh about this topic. In a live webinar, we had the opportunity to ask Omar about user adoption and how sourcing professionals can help improve the stakeholder engagement of their platform.


The webinar generated some great interest and we saw strong attendance for our conversation. But if you weren't able to make it, fear not - we're putting some of the highlights together for you!

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