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The Surprising Fragility of Procurement Decisions [On-Demand Webinar]

By Ben de Groot December 18, 2017

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why better tools are so important in addressing the..

The Hardest Part of the Hardest Job

By Ben de Groot December 14, 2017

 Your guide to improving your supplier selection and in turn your overall procurement process.

Customer Success Story - Metropolitan Transportation Commission

By Ben de Groot October 13, 2017

When the number of projects is growing faster than your procurement team's resources, you..

The importance of great user experience in sourcing software

By Ben de Groot May 4, 2017

Exploring the value of great user experience in next-gen sourcing tools.

How to prepare for your digital sourcing transformation

By Ben de Groot April 27, 2017

Asking the important questions for the ‘digital journey’ ahead.

Three risks of poor sourcing software user adoption

By Ben de Groot April 13, 2017

Insights from our popular ebook on understanding the impact of poor user adoption.

Collaboration and smart automation - what's behind the trend?

By Ben de Groot April 6, 2017

Procurement leaders are turning to a new class of software - why?

Upcoming Whitepaper: Vendor fees - Understanding the risks

By Ben de Groot March 29, 2017

In our upcoming and comprehensive whitepaper, we explore the risks and challenges of..

Bonfire and UNC Conference 2017

By Ben de Groot March 22, 2017

Highlights from Bonfire's panel discussion on the challenges facing educational procurement and..

Why sourcing deserves to be one of your top priorities

By Ben de Groot March 15, 2017

Understanding why sourcing is a key stage in the procurement process and its effect on..